AI Built For Your Performance Marketing Goals

Use real-time high-intent audience to customize your ad experience.​

How Vatic Empowers Brands?​​

Customized Bidding Function

Customized bidding function

Holistic media buying decisioning with 40-80% KPIs improvement.​

Platform Agnostics

Platform Agnostic

Our software runs on any combination of DSPs, DMPs, and SSPs of your choice.

Real Time

Real Time Intent Audience

Tap on the most accurate in-market audience with custom built AI algorithms for hyper-personalized targeting.

Cost Savings

Customer Defined Pricing

We believes in achieving your end goals where you decide the pricing model based on our performance.​

How can we work together?​​

Algorithm as a Service

Algorithm as a Service

No fixed cost with one click integration. We enhance your outcomes and share the cost savings with you. ​

direct data integration

Direct Data Integration

Access the most accurate in-market audience in the marketplace based on highly specific audience cohorts to determine purchase intent for higher conversions.​

custom audience segments

Custom Audience Segments

Utilize our data scientists to create customized algorithms for hyper-personalized targeting thereby increasing your ROI.​

fully managed services

Fully Managed Services

Deploy our in-house veteran media experts to fully run and optimize your advertising campaigns with our integrated audience data solutions​.

Enterprise Clients​​

Trusted by Leading Enterprices